The Flickr of Video?

Word on the street is suggesting that Flickr will soon add video. You might not realize this, but a while ago, I was able to successfully embed our YouTube videos in the cross-posts from Blip.TV. Seriously. So long as I don’t edit the description, this video embed will stay in place along with the photo for What is SSD.

Granted, if Flickr enables the feature, it’ll be far less hacky – though I’m not sure the Flickr fan base of photographers will embrace it quickly. Moreover, they may already be producing high quality video on sites like Blip. This begs the question: why not either integrate MORE tightly with Blip TV or acquire them altogether?

Photographers are not necessarily into videography, and vice versa. Flickr has a great brand going for it, although some people still don’t know what it is. I’ll certainly give ‘er a go, as well as encourage Yahoo! to enable TubeMogul as a video publishing funnel. They may be about three years too late on this one.