MMORPG Etiquette

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Being rude or offensive when playing an MMORPG can be fatal. You can get yourself removed and even “blacklisted”. Here are some tips sent in by a reader to help you behave yourself properly when playing.

  • Don’t treat other players as though they are “gods”. Just because a player is famous – or a Mod – doesn’t mean you should treat them differently than anyone else. After all, they are just players. Sending messages to your friends that someone famous is logged in is pointless, and just fills up the chat interface.
  • Trade Spamming is when in a bank, some people will come up to you and tell you to “buy! buy!”… without telling you what it is you should get! They also repeatedly click “trade” on you, which is extremely annoying. Just because a person is a high level, doesn’t mean they want to buy off of you.
  • Don’t say “I’ll own you”. In most MMORPGs, random people will come up to you and say “I’ll own you”. What’s the point in this? In my opinion, it’s a waste of time saying it, when you could instead be training, learning a skill, or talking to friends. Speaking of friends… no matter what kind of argument you may be in, dont’ say “my friend will own you”. That’s like saying “my mommy is going to beat you up”. It’s just lame.
  • What is up with pointless player killing? When you have no items on you, some players will pointlessly challenge you to a duel or just kill you flat out. Does this prove you are somehow the better gamer? No, it doesn’t. It just shows you’re rude, and care about nothing more than making yourself thinking your’re “bad”.
  • Don’t beg. Begging is the most degrading thing in MMORPGs. No one wats to give you free stuff… go earn it yourself. Sometimes, people say “Omg I got hacked!”. That just shows they weren’t careful with their items or passwords. Randomly going up to someone and just asking for their good items isn’t cool. I don’t care if it’s your birthday, don’t just expect me to give you the things I worked hard for!


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