How to Listen to Music Without Breaking the Law

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Honeytoast is a regular member of our live community. He wanted to send me his top 5 ways of getting and listening to music legally, conveniently, and inexpensively.

  • Subscribe to Rhapsody or another streaming type music source. This is Chris’ favorite, and is by far the cheapest way to buy your music. Sometimes, it can be more convenient with having accessibility from any computer with an Internet connection. The biggest downside to this would be the limitation to using something like a computer, instead of your iPod or mp3 player. Another downside is the loss of quality. Most listeners, like myself, would not have a problem with streaming quality, or slightly lessened quality. Some listeners prefer having the highest possible quality. If you don’t need perfect CD or better quality, and don’t always need to take your music with you, Rhapsody is one of your best choices. You can even take the trial for a ride and see if you like it before you have to spend a cent.
  • Use an online radio. One of my favorites that I am really starting to use is Pandora. It is free, and you can choose your favorite genres and create a station that will play music similar to any particular artist. These are great because if you don’t want to have to pick a song, you can just sit back, and a song that you will probably love will start for you. With Pandora, you can also create multiple stations, so you can listen to a few fast paced rock song before school, some quick Techno songs before work, and a folk or indie song before bed… or even mix them all together on one station. The biggest downside to this is once again, inability to bring the music with you everywhere. However, some online radio stations are providing support for cell phone streaming. Even a PSP with a wi-fi connection can play online radio now.
  • Mix it up a bit. If you’re not too involved in music and only enjoy a few songs by some more popular artists, but like a tune every now and then, try to have a easy, cheap, and convenient way for music. If you’re at home and want a quick song, try your favorite artist’s Myspace page or Website. Most artists have their more popular songs up, which are probably the ones you want to hear. If you love a few different bands, spend a few bucks on their albums to listen to in the car or on your iPod when you want. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these, just to have something to listen to. If you want to get a single song instead of the full album, but still want it for the car, just try the iTunes or online music store. You can burn a mix of your purchased music, or put it on your player for your convenience. You once again don’t have to spend a fortune if you’re just looking for 10 or 20 songs. Even listen to the radio if you want. If you like more popular artists, there’s a good chance that that artist will play soon. If you don’t get involved enough with music to pick one single way to get your music, you should try to mix it up.


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