Stay in School

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The best day out of school in the entire year is the last day. It’s that feeling of freedom. Here are some excellent tips sent in to help you get to (and stay IN) school when you need to.

  • Set your clock ten minutes fast. This will make you think you may have overslept, but will instead give you a few extra minutes to get woken up.
  • Get your backpack ready the night before. Most people wait until the last minute. By packing your bag at night, you’re more careful and tend to not forget things.
  • Get your clothes ready the night before. You’ll know you have clean clothes ready, and will increase time for other things in the morning.
  • Do what you need to do first. Don’t go check your email until after you have done the essential things.
  • Keep track of time. This may seem simple, but is not for some people. Try to put your watch on first thing in the morning, and have an alarm set on it to let you know when it’s about time to leave.


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