Identity Theft

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Arcane writes: “Hello Chris, I have come up with a guide to help prevent identity theft. With the never ending technological advances, there are so many more ways people can take over your personal information… or find ways to obtain it.”

  • Shred your papers. There is nothing like receiving a bill, taking a look at it and saying to yourself, “I will pay this bill online because its easier, and faster” Many times people receive snail mail bills and don’t think anything of it and just toss it in the trash. The same goes for receiving credit card statements as well.
  • Get an Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware program. Referring back to tip one, many people pay their bills online now. There are tons phishing websites you could come across just browsing the internet. If you are unprotected anything you type could be compromised! Be extra careful especially if you do online banking ,or purchase products on the internet often.
  • Don’t sign the back of your credit cards. This may be strange at first but there is a point to it! If you sign the back of your credit card, most places don’t check for ID’s anymore. They DO however look at the back of the card. If your card was to ever get stolen or lost they will be asked to see an ID instead of a simple signature.
  • Keep your Social Security number secure. Believe it or not many people walk around every day with their social security cards in a wallet or a purse. The only time you should ever need to have this with you is when getting hired for a new job, or signing up for some type of account. Keep it in a fireproof box in your home until needed.
  • Digital shredding. Getting rid of a computer, or selling it? There is very important data on your hard drive! Never give anyone a hard drive from a previous computer unless using before using a digital shredder. Even then it may be easy to recover personal information. It is best to keep the drive yourself or destroy it. If you need a free program to wipe your hard drive clean or more information on the topic visit it gives links to free, and purchasable programs as well as some great information on the topic.


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