How to Create Your Own Comic Strip

One of my ‘Net friends sent me a social network invitation earlier today – but it wasn’t just any ol’ invite. The email came with a ‘Chris Pirillo’ comic caricature inline. I responded to the email asking how he did it – not realizing that it was generated through a site that apparently just launched:

Now, you know I’ve always been a fan of (and yes, Plasq is a sponsor) – but this is a different kind of site / service / content generating application. Within minutes, I was creating my own comics. The advanced controls are a bit awkward, but it really is simple to figure out.

They want to drive traffic back to their own site, but I just downloaded the PNGs and uploaded ’em to my Flickr account. That’s what they should do on the backend, IMHO – because all of my friends already use Flickr. I did these three in succession of one another, after getting a “LOL” reaction from my chat room.


Dopey and Sneezy

Sneezy's Revenge

Ponzi Does Chris

We don’t have blue eyes, but… that makes it all the more creative, eh?