Tech Segments on CNN.Com

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I’ve been invited to share technology tips and tricks on Live every Thursday at 5:30pm Eastern. They’re going to lift my video feed and pump it directly into their production studio. I’ll be “embedded,” literally – a regular guest / host / content person on their Web network.

I wear many hats. I happen to be a fan of Peet’s coffee. I run my own Blog network at, helping people make money off of their knowledge. I am a Geek. And starting in about a week… I am going to be working with CNN.

Beginning this Thursday, March 6th, you’ll be able to log onto at 5:30pm EST and see… me! What am I going to talk about? Technology, of course. This will be geared towards the “average” user, or non-power-user if you will. I am so excited about this, I can’t begin to explain. These three minutes per week are just HUGE in my mind.

This is a chance for us to share our knowledge. I think the first segment will be focused on Digital Cameras. I’ll pass along three major tips that every Digi Cam owner will need. I won’t go into deep tech issues, such as dual-booting. As I said, it will be general tech talk.

If you have ideas and suggestions for upcoming segments on CNN… please email me! I’d be happy to consider your suggestions. Also.. be sure to join us in the chat room. Even though the chat will not be embedded into CNN’s website, we’ll still all be there live, talking about the topic and sharing our thoughts. We’d love to have you join us!


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