Registry Cleaner Software

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I know many of you out there feel that registry cleaners will help speed up your computer. The truth of the matter is that they will NOT. In fact… using one can end up rendering your system useless if you don’t use it properly. I don’t recommend using them… EVER.

Programs like CCleaner are very powerful. If you run one on a brand-new computer, with a completely clean Windows install… they will still show “bad” registry entries, and try to remove them. To a non power-user who doesn’t know everything that should be in the registry… that can spell disaster. Remove the wrong key(s), and you could quickly kill your entire computer. As with any changes to the core of the Windows operating system, proceed with caution.

IF you feel you have to clean your registry, make a backup. ALWAYS take the time to export the registry, and back that sucker up. Also… why not educate yourself on the Windows registry? Learn what is in the registry, and why Windows may or may not need it. Then, remove any bad registry keys manually. You’ll be much safer in the long run by having a complete understanding of what’s happening with your computer, instead of simply trusting software to guide your decision.

TuneUp360 automatically cleans your registry and fixes a number of other Windows errors. Order with coupon code GEEKS to save 25% now.

Download the video to learn more about cleaning the Windows registry.