Weather on the Wii

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You know, the Wii is addicting… even without loading up a single game. I have discovered all kinds of cool things you can do. Did you know you can get the local weather… right on the Wii?

The music on the Weather part of the Wii literally makes me want to sleep. It is quite soothing, yes. However… *yawn*. However, if you’re a Weather freak… you’d want to buy a Wii just to have this feature alone. I truly enjoy all Weather things. The Wii Weather is very very cool. It has an excellent interactive capability. I can easily check the UV Index, the current forecast, forecasts from other countries… etc. It’s easy to check weather from other areas. I use the WiiMote to literally “grab” the screen (much like with Google Maps), and drag the map around.

This channel allows you to access local weather forecasts after turning on the Wii console. When connected to the Internet, the Wii automatically updates weather information from your local area and around the world. Use the Wii Remote to spin the globe and view weather reports from across town or across the planet!


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