How to Create Your Own Wallpapers with Oxidizer

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I normally get my wallpapers from a variety of different web sites. That’s about to change right now, though. The wallpaper you’re seeing on my desktop right now… I made myself! It was made in about 10 minutes, using Oxidizer. Oxidizer is an open-source application for Mac OS X which allows you to generate your own wallpaper.

Fractal flames take many shapes, here’s some crude examples made almost literally at random by Oxidizer. Only the colour scheme and the positioning have been altered. Here are some of the features you will see in this release:

  • Increased Leopard Compatibility.
  • Oxidizer now starts in the centre of the screen.
  • Fixed Crashes related to colour selection from the Color Well palettes.
  • Fixed an issue where Genomes generated in the Breeder or GenePool that used Final XForm could render differently in the main editor.
  • Fixed a Core Data issue where the first genome loaded into the editor would not get a preview render.
  • Copies of each genome rendered is now saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer rather than log

You can find all of my new daily wallpapers (along with the poems to go with them) in my blog.


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