Flash Player Problems in Mac OS X

If you’re having issues with Flash apps (like our live stream), this thread in Adobe’s forums may surface a solution for you.

According to my friend Gyula Feher at Ustream.tv: “We have a good reason to think that the problem is caused by a Leopard-specific bug of the latest r115 Mac version of Adobe Flash Player. The reason why it got triggered by the 10.5.2 update is because 10.5.2 also upgraded Flash Player. Forum posts indicate that downgrading to a recent (r47) version of Flash Player fixes the issue. Download the older version of Flash Player 9 from Adobe and install r47. Following the downgrade, you may check your Flash Version by right-clicking on any Flash widget and selecting ‘About Flash Player’ from the menu.”

Hope this helps ease any issues you’re having with the technology!