Radio Shack and Electronics Store Secrets

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Have you ever had questions while shopping in a Radio Shack, or similar store? Did the employees know the answers? Here are some secrets about stores like this that I bet you didn’t know, sent in by an anonymous Radio Shack employee.

  • If there is an item you wish to buy that is not carried in-store, visit the Radio Shack website. Many times, the item(s) can be bought and delivered to your local store, saving you the cost of shipping. The same holds true when buying “online only” items.
  • Even if the store has excellent customer reviews… check into purchasing a service plan. Something many people do not know is that you can return to a store within two weeks of purchase to get the service plan after all. If you don’t buy it during the original purchase, you can always return. Also, you can call the Radio Shack 800# yourself for techincal assistance. It’s the same number a Radio Shack employee would call for help if you took your item in to be fixed. Save yourself some time, and make that call from home.
  • When buying a new cellular phone or service, check at your local Radio Shack. Believe it or not, you can often get the same cell phone at a much lesser price than you will find anywhere else.
  • iGo Universal Chargers are around $30.00. Charge your wireless phone, PDA, MP3 player and more from your car with just the switch of an itips smart connector! You’ll never have to carry multiple chargers for your car again. Works with most wireless phones, PDAs, MP3 players and digital cameras with the switch of a tip.
  • Most people don’t realize that Radio Shack can get any product you may need… at any time. If they don’t have the item in stock, they’ll be happy to call around to other stores and locate one for you.

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After the posting of this blog, I received the following email. It is something I think you all need to see.

I work for Radio Shack. We recently got a new District Manger. He wants us to have full time employees and two part time employees in my store. One guy was switched to full time. In the meantime, I only get three hours per week… total. Instead of getting rid of the new kid, they fired the guy who has been working in the store the longest… right in front of everyone. Even though I wasn’t fired, I will be forced to quit to find something with more hours. The Radio Shack corporation doesn’t fire people unless they do something horribly wrong or illegal. Instead, they make working conditions impossible, causing you to leave voluntarily. After working for them for a few years, I believe their corporation to be a disgrace. They sell things like audio wire at the astronomical price of $32.99, when they only pay just under $4.00 for it.
They create a condition where we as employees are forced to manipulate the minds of the buyer into thinking that a particular product is great, and in order for it to work… you have to buy all these extra things to make it work. Most of their products are actually “old”, believe it or not… they are mostly an outlet store anymore. You will rarely see the newest computers in Radio Shack. The models are usually at least a year old. Also, the products tend to not be what they say. A Gold contact isn’t even gold anymore. It is just a cheap gold coating. Inside is the same thing wire you originally had on say your tv. Yet, the Sales Associates are forced to tell you that their “gold wire” will give you much higher quality on your television. Face it, folks. This is the SAME wire you would use if you bought a standard red and white 12 foot AV cable at the local WalMart.
I have worked for this company for a long time, so I know what I’m talking about. Once I have left here for good, I will never step foot inside a Radio Shack again.

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