Is Mac OS X Leopard Better than Apple's Tiger?

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I had someone call in tonight on the 888-PIRILLO line to ask me whether Leopard is so much better than Tiger that it is worth paying for the upgrade. He asked “is it extremely better… is it worth $120.00?”.

Is it worth the money? YES. Is it “extremely better”? I wouldn’t say that. However, the incremental improvements definitely make it worth the cost. There have been a few issues that have been raised with certain applications on Leopard.

He also asked me if the new features on Leopard are “cool”. Yes, they are. It was worth it for me to upgrade, for sure. My system is actually faster with Leopard than it was with Tiger. That was shocking and unbelievable. With Windows… I always dreaded upgrading an OS… knowing it would likely make my system slower. To have an OS that is actually faster with each new OS is refreshing.

The best feature in my mind is Time Machine. Time Machine uses a unique interface that turns the rather boring task of backing up and restoring files into something that you may actually enjoy doing. And you may not even have to think too much about the “backing up” portion of the exercise—according to Apple, Leopard will automatically back up your files as you work.

The next caller asked about the Sony PSP software. I happen to think it is pretty much crap. The caller wanted to argue, saying that the software for Vegas is great. I reminded him that Sony didn’t make Vegas… they acquired it. To me, it’s quite smart for companies to buy software and refine it for themselves, instead of creating something from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel?


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