How to Build an Internet Community

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Building a strong Internet Community is no easy feat. It takes perseverance, dedication and a lot of hard work. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, and thought I would pass on some of my experience to you.

Online communities are a commodity these days, but it wasn’t always this way. I started Lockergnome back in 1996. It’s gone through a lot of changes, with the biggest yet to come. We are working on changing it over to a Blogging Network, where you can make money by sharing your information. It works… we’ve been testing it for quite awhile now. People are actually making money, for blogging about what they know. It doesn’t have to be Tech related, either. We have blogs about dogs, blogs about daily life… we even have a blog from my mom!

Abdul sent me an email asking a bunch of questions about how to build a good Internet Community. Building a strong community has nothing to do anymore with having the right type of software, etc. It comes down to where you spend your time. You have to be able to reach an audience of some type. Then you need to stop and think… the people you are planning to reach out to… is there something else they need that you can give them?

I know what I’m doing as far as building Lockergnome, I’ve been at it for twelve years now. I’ve spent more time than I can tell you to get it where it is now, and where I want it to be. I’m so excited that I am going to be able to open up my website to all of you, and give you the opportunity to make money, by sharing what you know.


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