Overclocking and Webcam Hacks

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See? We get some excellent topics and conversations going when I open up the phone lines. Mbonzo had a question about overclocking! He’s a long-time chatter, and has sent in top five lists before, as well.

The question is that he has a new system and old overclocking equipment. He’s having trouble getting it to stabilize. My first suggestion was to cool it… he says he is water cooling it. I told him to get colder water and had to laugh. If it’s pushed to the limit, even with a super-cooled system… something is going to be unstable. He’s bringing the system to its knees. Someone in the chat room suggested trying Cryo-Cool, which I imagine is even colder than water. There’s not much more he can do, honestly, other than to cool it even more.

Mbonzo also had another question. He’s thinking of going with Dual monitors… and wonders how much of his power supply will be sucked up. Those won’t eat up as much as the video card itself will, which he indicates is a GeForce 8800.


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