Buying a Mac Pro

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The night this video was recorded…. I FINALLY ordered my Mac Pro!!! Yes, that’s right. I’m making the switch, and my Mac is being built, baby!

Freeware is what has driven me closer and closer to use a Mac exclusively. I currently run the live stream off of a Mac Mini. I use CamTwist, which allows me to add video effects. It allows me to integrate live weather from WeatherBug. And of course, I can also add in our live chat. I use a free IRC client called Colloquy. Knowing I couldn’t find Windows-equivalent software, I made this choice.

I’ve already nick-named my new Mac! It’s name is “Big Mac”. Get it? It’s beefy!! The specs are just amazing, and blow even MY mind! Yes, I went with the Terrabyte drive. Right now, I only bought two Gigs of Ram. However, I’m thinking about upgrading to much more. I just haven’t decided HOW much yet.

Do you want another reason I’m making this switch? What about the fact that it just works? And the software works? I can configure my Mac to have up to 32 Gigs of Ram. I mean, seriously. Why wouldn’t I switch?

I’m not abandoning Windows completely, not by a long shot. I’ll be running Windows inside of my Mac, using Boot Camp. Am I an Apple fan boi? Absolutely not. Is a Mac perfect? Absolutely not. I still support both companies. I will still use products from both companies. If you look at my MacBook, you’ll see the Apple logo is covered up. So it’s not a matter of “loving” Apple. It’s a matter of getting what I needed and wanted, at a price I can handle. And of course… it’s a matter that it will work.


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