Mac Vs PC Again

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foxtrot_MGS wrote to me, and said that after watching all the videos I’ve done about Macs, he’s been considering making the switch. However, he states: “I’ve always used windows, and so I have some feelings about switching to a Mac”. Here are his thoughts. Watch the full video for my answers.

  • Is it really that easy? By that I mean the software. Is Time Machine really that easy? Or for example, is iMovie light years ahead of Windows Movie Maker? Is Garage Band really 10 times easier than Sound Recorder? Are the apps really that easy?
  • It seems a new Mac is released every other day. I don’t want to go get a Mac and have it wind up being inferior in three months. For example, if you had purchased a Mac, lets says, a year and a half ago… would it run most of the soft ware for the Mac available today? This sort of brings me to my next question.
  • Can Macs be upgraded? Slapping a new video card into a PC desktop can be done in minutes, and the drivers are right on the disk… so there’s no real hassle. If I wanted to, could I pop open a Mac and slide in a PCI video card? Would I have to take it to the store for that? Would I have to buy special cards? Is it possible?
  • Games? I don’t care what Steve Jobs says, a PC is where all the games are. My question is: is it possible to run a game in Boot Camp? If I’m correct, Boot Camp runs Windows programs on the Mac. A game is basically a program. Even though I have a PS3, there a games on the computer that consoles can’t really pull off that I’d like to play. When I say games I mean a cutting edge game, made for windows, that I need processing power to run. So, is it possible to take a modern game for Windows and run it on a Mac?
  • Price! Recently at the Apple store (or Mac store, what ever) I saw the price of a basic notebook… I then proceeded to shout profanities and curse Steve Jobs. A basic notebook is something around $1,200. Right now, I’m on a Notebook PC that’s over 2 years old and has the processing power close to that of the basic Mac. This notebook PC was purchased for around $800, 2 years ago. So two years down the road I’m gonna pay $1,200 for a machine that’s just a hair above my old notebook for which was bought at a lot less. I get the feeling that Apple is trying to rip me off. I understand that maybe you’re paying a premium for hardware that can run their OS, but COME ON! In your opinion… would it be worth it to buy one of there basic desktops as I’m looking for a new primary system. Right now my primary desktop running at 2.2 Ghz with a 1 GB of ram just to paint a picture. Would it even be worth it to upgrade to a Mac if I’m not willing to spend $3,000, although I’m not saying I just looking at the basics packages.


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