How to Keep From Being Stinky

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Yes, you read that right. This video isn’t about Technology in any way. It’s about Body Odor. A reader sent in these tips. Believe it or not, many people don’t follow these simple tips every day… do you?

  • If you use deodorant and still smell… get a new kind of deodorant. It may sound silly, but some deodorants may not work with some people’s body chemistry. My friend uses Degree, and it doesn’t work. Now that he’s trying Old Spice, he actually smells decent, instead of smelling like a huge piece of rotten pizza.
  • Take showers at least once daily. If you work in a job or hobby that gets you very dirty and sweaty/smelly, consider taking more than one per day.
  • Use deodorant that dries or soaks into your skin and doesn’t rub off onto your shirt. This means the smell stays on you… not your shirt.
  • Don’t walk through the planters in parking lots… they tend to have doggy droppings. You don’t want to smell like you went to the bathroom in your pants.
  • Always always >strong>always put your clothes on after you wake up. I know some people that sleep in there clothes, and then wear them again the next day. You sweat a lot more in your sleep then you think.


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