MMORPG Etiquette

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A community member writes: “I have been a player of the MMO, Massive Multiplayer Online game, City of Heroes and the expansion, City of Villains since the original CoH came out in April of 2004. I have ran across plenty of newbies and general idiots over the course of almost four years. I hope these tips help people not to be such “noobs”.”

  • Don’t spam the announcement channels with chit-chat. It is annoying going into some game zones (game levels/maps) and seeing people spamming chit chat to the entire map. Not only does it get annoying, but if you are looking for a team to play with, it makes that a little harder if your announcement scroll off the the chat screen quickly.
  • Don’t pester people with team invitations. If you want to invite someone, do the polite thing and send them a private message with the /tell command. This allows you to see if they would like to join your team. If they are not interested, or they are doing something else, wish them luck. Sometimes, they wish you luck back. If you invite first, you may end up getting ignored.
  • Don’t pester people to Power Level you. If you have friends who are willing to power level you, then run with them. Do not go to the high level zones and expect some random high level character to help you get a lot of levels quickly. If you want to level somewhat quickly on City of Heroes/Villains, then run the Task Forces for heroes and the strike levels for villains. When you play these at the lowest available level, you tend to level up around two, three or even four levels in the span if the Task Force/Strike Force.
  • Don’t pester the people in the auction houses. Some people worked hard, in the game that is, to get what they are selling. Just because you need to get the one thing there that cost more than what you got, then work to get the extra bit in the game. If you have friends that play, ask them if they can let you have the amount you need. Just don’t pester them, or they will not be your friends for long.
  • Don’t pester someone asking if they have a TeamSpeak or a Vent server. Chances are, if you annoy them and they have one, you wont get invited to join. Also, once on a TS / Vent server, don’t annoy the people there. Don’t play music over the server, but make have your sounds levels good. You don’t want to be too quite or too loud. You may also want to make sure that the people are not hearing echos or game sounds effects from your side. It is also good to set your vent/ts client to have a P-t-t (Push to Talk) button configured. This way, game sounds wont activate the microphone, and it also wont allow your clients to constantly broadcast out.
  • Don’t pester someone to join a guild (super group/villain group in C O H/ C O V). If the guild is asking for people, then send a message to the person who is recruiting.


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