How to get Homework Done

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Recently, I did a video with tips on note taking during class. Here are some tips for getting your homework done, as well as some for getting good grades.

Tips for Getting Homework Done!

  • Make sure all of all of your materials are at home or with you, for example bring all of your books home to ensure that your work is done correctly. I also recommend that you keep a drawer, shoe box , or any organized space full of things that may be necessary to do your work. You may want to include pencils, rulers, calculators, colored pencils, paper, scissors, and even a stapler.
  • Don’t sit or lay on your bed for homework, as you may get “to comfortable” to work or fall asleep. Your computer desk is another bad place to do homework because you could get distracted.
  • Do your homework right after school. I know as a student myself that some people have extra activities to get to before you even get home.
  • Take all the time you have to do your work in class. For instance, if you have a test that you might get done with early… take your stuff from the class you have homework in with you.(I absolutely don’t recommend doing your homework in the middle of class when your teacher is giving a lesson.) Also, use all of your study hall time to get it done. I have often found that I can get my homework done during study hall. This way, I don’t have to deal with it at home.
  • If you get home and realize you don’t understand something, go in to that class next morning before the start of school and ask for help. (I am not sure if this would work in high school or college but if not call a friend, and if you don’t have friends, sorry you are out of luck.)
  • Take occasional breaks! This will help to concentrate more as you do it.

Tips for Getting Good Grades!

  • Turn in all homework when it’s due. As you advance in your schooling, teachers will become more picky about this. It’s imperative to your grade that you turn in all your homework on time.
  • Ask if you don’t understand something. If you get home and realize you don’t understand the assignment try to get ahold of that teacher before the assignment is due and talk to them.
  • On open-ended or response questions don’t just say nothing if you know a lot about that topic already or don’t know anything about it. Put the answer to the question and then expand on it.
  • Save all papers. At the end of the semester there will be semester exams… these exams are usually cumulative meaning everything from the beginning of the year till present. Unless you are a genius, you probably won’t remember everything from that far back so save everything to review from. If you’re like me, you may have switched organization methods and such throughout the year and may not have all your notes in the same notebook. Always keep all your notebooks in your locker or wherever you keep your school things. This way, when exam time comes type up all of your notes this also may help refresh your memories of those topics.
  • Be nice to your teacher, He/She has a lot of stuff to deal with during the day. During class, don’t talk when he/she is talking and don’t be doing other things during class. When it comes to grading time, if you’re on the edge between someone who is between one grade or another if you’re nice, do your hw all the time, and are always on time and prepared for class the teacher will usually give you the higher grade.


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