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Recently, I showed off my new Chumby. It’s truly addictive, and the live community has had a blast being able to send messages to Chuck the Chumby. I have a user named Rotozip who created a Widget that allows them to do that. I didn’t remember the username RotoZip, until he reminded me he is the person who created the “iAlertYou”. It’s a program that I featured in my “Top 100 Mac Apps” list. It’s an equivalent to a car alarm, only for your laptop.

This is Chumby the personal internet player. Since getting this device for Christmas I have been working on a couple of widgets for it. You can see them running on my virtual Chumby above. One of the widgets is a Blockbuster widget which will display the movies you have in your queue waiting to be mailed out. The other widget is a widget that allows users in his chat room to send messages to the Chumby. This device is really cool and quite fun to develop for. You can get to know what Chumby is all about and get your own at

By hanging out into our chat room, you can become a regular voiced user. Once you are a voiced user, you can add comments to the Chumby, as well!

If you are a Flash Programmer and have ideas for Chumby, or any other applications I might be able to share with others, send an email to me at [email protected]


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