Reasons I Might Never Move to Hawaii

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It’s absolutely beautiful here in Hawaii. The weather is great. The scenery is amazing. However, I just don’t think I could live here. Let me tell you why…

  • It’s too touristy. I’m sure there are probably places on the islands that aren’t as touristy. However, much of Hawaii’s economy is supported by tourism. I can’t imagine having to put up with that year-round.
  • I’m not really a water lover. I’m not a sporty kind of guy. Many people are parasailing, kayaking, mountain biking… I just don’t get it.
  • It’s an island here in the middle of the Ocean. There’s virtually no escape route. That just freaks me out.
  • There are limited broadband options here. Being a Geek who makes my living online… I sincerely have to have good Internet connections. That’s just not going to happen in Hawaii.
  • I really don’t like hot weather. I love the weather in Seattle, honestly! I’m not a fan of sun and beaches and heat. It’s just not for me.

I’m actually hoping someone will reply to this video with reasons they WOULD remove to Hawaii. Or, you can list reasons you agree with me, and wouldn’t want to live here. This is a wonderful place to visit, but for me… it’s just not a place to live.


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