Packing Tips

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As you know by now, Ponzi and I are on our cruise through Hawaii this week. Since we’ve taken so many trips and cruises together, we have become pros at packing. We thought we’d share some tips with you all.

  • Make a list It sounds simple, but in the weeks leading up to your departure date you should write up a list. This way you don’t forget things on the fly… and can make sure you pack everything to take home at the end of the vacation. Also, if your luggage gets lost, you’ll have a list of everything you had packed.
  • Ziplock baggies If you have anything that could possibly leak, such as shampoo or soap, place them into a Ziplock baggie. This will help keep any liquids from spilling out all over your other items.
  • Tape your toiletries Anything with a lid or cap on it, tape the lids shut to prevent leakage. Don’t forget to tape the hairspray lid, as well.
  • Tags inside the bag, not just outside If you place a luggage tag on the inside also, you’ll have that extra identification if your outside tag falls off.
  • Put something unique on your bag Everyone is using ribbons on the handle now. Try putting a unique sticker on it, buying a unique color, or even adding some paint to the luggage. This will keep yours easily identifiable from everyone else’s!


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