Be a Good YouTube Viewer

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There’s actually more to YouTube than just watching random videos and moving on. Here are some great tips sent in by a community member to help you enhance your YouTube experience.

  • If you’re completely new to YouTube, you should make your own account. This will help you to sort out user names and videos that you like, so you can put videos into favorites, subscribe to users on YouTube that you think make good videos and want to watch more. This is helpful because whenever they make a new video, it’ll show up in a scrolling list when you first enter the YouTube website. Also, one of the main parts of YouTube is the community. You can write a helpful comment, rate videos, and flag inappropriate content. By doing all of this, you’ll become a valued community member.
  • I often find it hard to find decent, cool, and interesting videos. For starters, search something funny and interesting, or go on a YouTuber you quite like and look at their favorites and subscriptions. This will help you find some other cool video broadcasters. Also if you click “Channels” or “Videos” on the homepage, you will be directed to pages of interest. Use the drop down list, to narrow down your search by: Most viewed, Most discussed, Top rated, and so on. Or, come to the live chat room, at and ask, if anyone submits to YouTube.
  • Pick different YouTubers from time to time, and stick with them. Also find YouTubers, that post regularly, otherwise you’ll get bored of waiting for another video each day. It’s not always quantity that counts, some really famous people on YouTube only post videos on YouTube like, once a month… but they’re amazing, and edited well. There are also people like Chris who post daily, and are very valued people of the YouTube community.
  • If you’re sometimes forgetful, and there’s a few videos you might want to watch again later, add them to a play list, or quick-list.
  • And last but definitely not least, some viewers prefer to do video responses. These are a great way to express your feelings and thoughts about a video, and you’ll gain lots of Viewers too! Just hook up a web cam and microphone to your computer, and use the good old quick capture feature. This works great for quickie videos like responses!


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