Shopping for Wii Accessories

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With the Wii craze in full swing, many of you are of the “gotta have it!” mindset. You truly don’t need every attachment, gadget and gizmo made for your Wii. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for your accessories.

  • Extra Controllers The number one problem Wii owners have is when they have company over, there are never enough controllers to share. Buy at least one extra pair so you can take turns.
  • SD Cards All of my fellow Wii Owners have trouble keeping their games in memory, because the Wii only has about 512mb internal memory. This is also a great way to keep your Virtual console games from clogging your Wii.
  • Official Straps I cannot stress this enough! I always find Wii owners who bought a silicone jacket for the Wii using novelty 3rd party Straps. These straps are weaker than the original launch straps, so if you swing your Wii Mote hard it probably will break… or you could end up needing a new tv.
  • VC Games Since the Wii is still crawling with its Game Library, there are tons of Classic games from Sega, Nintendo and the TurboGraf. Just buy a Wii point card and you’ll have the classics you love on one System.
  • Classic Controllers Some games just are not meant for the Wii Mote and Nunchuck, like fighting games. Many games are going to start letting you use a classic controller instead. Buy one so you don’t look like a fool passing out from playing Mortal Kombat.


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