Put Your Mac Apps on a Diet

MacBoy14 has seen the light:

I have finally given in and bought Xslimmer. This $11.95 app is AMAZING! Since you are now gonna switch to an almost all-Mac house I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you. Anyways, if you haven’t seen this app, or you haven’t bought it, I HIGHLY recommend it. If you don’t know Xslimmer, is an application that will scan through (or you can manually add) all your apps and check them against a database of apps that can be slimmed. If the app is “slimmable,” (Only a few are not, and I have just found one app so far that it said was okay but wasn’t… Airport Utility [The one in the utilities folder]) it will remove the PowerPC architecture of the app and all the additional languages of your choosing. This DRAMATICALLY reduces the size of an app and the time it takes to start an app.

I didn’t have to buy it. I got it for free from this year’s MacHeist. 🙂 Agreed, it’s a nice app – but not without caveats. MacBoy14’s Experience: 154 Apps Slimmed and 1.43GB saved.

Performance: Almost every time I start my mac I launch FireFox, Mail, and iChat. Before the slim (after clicking each rapidly in succession in my dock,) the bouncing icons pause for 3-5 seconds and you can hear the HD of my iMac (2.16GHz Core 2 Duo with 2.5GB Ram) read rapidly… Now if I do the same thing I get absolutely NO delay or pause.


  • Colloquy – Initial: 16.3MB – Final: 6.87MB
  • Address Book – Initial: 47.5MB – Final: 4.06MB
  • Boot Camp Assistant – I: 12.4MB – F: 852KB
  • Directory – I: 58.3MB – F: 4.76MB
  • Terminal – I: 24.8MB – F: 3.24MB

If you don’t have a PPC processor, why load the code? Apple did the right thing by letting apps support multiple platforms, but there’s no use in keeping what you don’t need.