Where to Watch for Live CES 2008 Updates

January is a magical time if you’re a geek. It brings with it many sacred holidays, such as CES and MacWorld. But what if you can’t make the journey to mecca — be it for financial reasons, or maybe you just couldn’t book a hotel? Thankfully in this Web-based world, it’s easy to enjoy the whole event right from your comfy chair.

I’ve compiled a list of sites that will have live coverage of CES 2008.

  • Gadgetell — Has a standalone CES coverage page being filled with news as we speak, as well as a live Twitter feed where the whole team will be twittering news and updates throughout the week, not to mention live blogging major press events. [RSSTwitter]
  • Engadget — Good ol’ Engadget will also be covering CES live this year. It has a dedicated CES page and will likely be live blogging events. [RSS]
  • CNET — CNET will be covering the event in the form of text and video, so you can see and hear what’s important and feel like you’re there. [RSS]
  • Scoble / Podtech — Robert traveled down to CES on a bus this year with a bunch of other bloggers and will be covering the event live over video through the Mogulus service.
  • Gizmodo — Gizmodo will also be blogging major CES updates and possibly live blogging press events. [RSS]
  • Futureshop — Futureshop, the Canadian tech store, will be posting videos of the CES keynotes, press conferences, and booth tours throughout the week.
  • SlashGear — SlashGear has a dedicated section devoted to nothing other than CES news and updates for the week. [RSS]
  • Digital Trends — Digital Trends will be covering all important CES updates and releases. [RSS]
  • Laptop Mag — Laptop Mag will be on scene at CES and covering more than just laptop news. [RSS]
  • BluefoxTV — Fellow UStreamer bluefox is planning on streaming the events of CES Live over UStream.

This is who I’ll be watching for CES 2008 coverage. If I missed some major ones, drop a comment below and I’ll try to add them in. Don’t forget to bookmark the page or subscribe to the RSS feeds. Oh, and we might also be talking about the latest announcements in our own live feed.