Create and Edit Videos Online

Felicia Wall indirectly questions the validity of AVCHD:

I wanted to know if you ever found a PC and MAC solution for video editing for AVCHD files, I am particularly interested clipping them, merging scenes and converting them to either DIVX for MP4 format.

No, I have not. AVCHD remains one of the worst ideas in recent years – and software that supports it today doesn’t support it very well at all. I’m guessing it’ll be supplanted by MP4 on-device in a short amount of time.


I actually have discovered a great service that you may or may not know about called, it doesn’t handle AVCHD natively but I have a Panasonic sd5 which is great and it can convert scenes to mpg which can be used. The onetruemedia allows you to make a great combo slideshow and video with music and share them online or convert them to mp4, so hopefully if you know of this service, it’s this sort of simple editing solution I am looking for but would be great to have it use AVCHD natively since that is my latest format of choice.

I think that was on my radar at one point, but with so many sites and services being released on a daily basis… it’s impossible to keep up with anymore.

I separately would like to know if you have ever found a reliable video server configuration that would allow playback of these or any other files on a HDTV.

Likely contingent on the hardware you have plugged into that television (and the formats it supports).

Right now I have an HP Mediavault and actually just got a PS3 to act as the media server, it works only okay (to get the AVCHD files to work they must be renamed to mpg for example), but the picture quality is great when it does work and if you save the .MTS files directly to the PS3, the experience is awesome so hopefully you know of a reliable way to use the PS3 and AVCHD with a much larger video server that can hold the files.