How to Keep a Clean Desk

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Let’s face it… it’s hard as heck to keep your desk clear of clutter, and free of unnecessary junk. Let’s take a look at some ways to help us cut down on all the junk, and have a nice, tidy workspace.

  • Buy cable tidies. You can pick these up pretty cheap and you can get them at general stores. If you are anything like me over time, as you move things around your desk, the wires below or behind it can become tangled, and hours of frustration can occur when the time comes that you need to tidy it up. These will keep certain wires for certain pieces of equipment all separate from each other, and keep computing from being a chore.
  • Mark plugs with a sticking label. Be sure not to cover any fans which allow heat to leave the equipment, but you can use sticking labels to mark plugs so if you ever need to remove that piece of plugged in equipment you can do it easily, without having to unplug everything to see what is what.
  • Have a designated storage space for everything you need. It is useful to have a cupboard in your desk or a drawer in which you can store things, and that you know what inside. If you have some useful computing magazines, designate a cupboard or drawer on your desk so that when you need it you can go to that space and get what you need without having to try to find it under lots and lots of papers. This is also useful for printed documents etc. that need to be stored safely. If your desk does not have any storage space, perhaps invest in a filing cabinet.
  • Don’t let things lie around, especially liquid. Liquid next to electricity is, as always a bad idea. Make sure that you move everything like papers when you are finished with them, and if you have finished playing a computer game, don’t think you can’t be bothered to reach for a box which is at about arms length away from you to put it away. Your discs may also get damaged if you do this, and they might go missing.
  • Clean your work area and make sure everything is working. Often, get some tissue paper of a duster and wipe inside the nucks and crannies of your keyboard where dust can lie, and get a computer cleaning wipe to clean your screen. Never touch your screen with your fingers, and dust your desk often. After cleaning everything, make sure not with water, test that all of your equipment is plugged in and connected correctly and that all is working correctly. This will ensure that your computer will continue to work and will hopefully reduce the number of problems you have with it, and to keep clean and hygienic.

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