Garlic Recipes

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I love garlic. Face it, garlic is one of the cheapest and easiest ways (not to mention yummiest!) to season foods of all kinds. Here are several different uses for garlic.

  • Within pasta dishes, when no sauce is readily available and you’re limited on the food thats in the house, try adding minced garlic to pasta. Use with salt and pepper and a knob of butter, and although a little dry, the pasta will be far more edible than if eaten unflavored.
  • On foods using cheese, it might sound stupid and ridiculous, but when garlic and cheese are combined the outcome is generally well received, toast or crackers that have been rubbed with garlic before hand and then had cheese applied are a nice change.
  • On pizza, when a person thinks of ordering a takeaway, a pizza is usually thought of (at least in this household). The majority of peoplethink of margarita, either with or without pepperoni, when garlic is added it brings a whole new outlook on the pizza itself, and is always very well enjoyed by most who eat it.
  • In bread, (when I say in bread I in no way mean the typically thought of garlic bread which is must like thick toast with garlic butter on the top), I mean freshly baked bread which has had minced or lazy garlic mixed right into the dough. this kind of bread makes for very interesting sandwiches, toast, and even croutons.
  • In mashed potatoes, I always get a mixed response to this, some people say ‘well what the hell are you doing that for’ and some people say ‘ohh thats a great idea’. I live in Sheffield England, and every Sunday we have the typical British sunday dinner. I always prepare my Yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes and stuffing with garlic. of course, I have no meat or gravy so I am forced to produce some interesting flavors on the dish, and garlic certainly is one of the better ones. I know I for one can’t have mashed potatoes without garlic puree any more. I am a self confessed garlic addict.

Here are some additional tips, when cooking with Garlic:

  • Pasta w/garlic and butter and add white wine
  • Don’t burn your garlic, it’ll make it taste awful.
  • Only cook garlic long enough until you can smell it.
  • Fresh Garlic ftw: don’t use powdered.
  • Roasted Garlic Mashed potatoes for the win!
  • Margarita style Pizza – chesse pizza in the USA.

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