Buying a Digital SLR Camera

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A community member at large sent these tips in after watching my video about the new Canon camera we bought for Christmas. These are excellent tips to keep in mind when buying your next camera.

  • When considering a new SLR camera, ask your self do you really need the SLR Camera? Most people want a better camera for better quality pictures, but as Chris said it is only a tool set that can guide you to a better quality picture. Are you up to spending lots of time for learning the skills of photography. If not you are almost not getting the item worth your money. Most Point&Shoot Cams can do a better job in auto than SLRs, Great Brains and Engineers worked hard to make these cameras to be as simple as possible for the user while bringing out the best quality: like best combinations of ISO and Shutter and IRIS positions to get a great picture. SLR camera can be considered as dumber than Point&Shoots, but if used right can out shoot any point and shoot simply because of the expensive lens and larger image sensor.
  • Don’t go for the highest pixel count. Normally 5 megapixel is enough for everyday shooting, but when camera has more pixel count the smaller each Pixel on the sensor, so it needs more light. For an average user the higher pixel count will only result in larger file size.
  • Invest in image stabilizing function – Digital or Optical ? both have +/-. Digital is a bit stronger because it is a before and after shot process, while optical only stabilizes before capture. Digital looses some quality while Optical does not. So try it out and choose one that fits you.
  • Consider semi-SLR – there are many cameras that work like SLR cameras but have all the features of a simple Point&Shoot. Although larger in size and heavier they offer many more features than a pocket size cameras and can be used in full auto as well as full manual mode.
  • Many stores talk down users from getting cameras that have AA Batteries. Use your brain on this one. Lithium batteries are faster and may hold more charge but you can get stuck without power easily. Buying a good set of rechargeable batteries will give you almost the performance of the Lithium’s but whenever you are on the road and don’t have a way to recharge you are stuck, AAs are available in the stores everywhere, while Lithium’s are not. So judge this one your self which one is better for you.
  • Bonus Tip! If you Chose SLR than Don’t fight about Canon or Nikon or Sony…. Go to the store Pickup a camera feel it, Press buttons, play with it. Which one feels better to you? They all have and do basically the same things. Instead Figure out your budget and spend half on the camera and half or more on the lens. Get a good lens with at least 2.8 aperture capability you will not regret it. Just remember you will change your camera 3 or more times before you will change your lens.


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