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Yes, that really is my Xbox you’re seeing streaming live. I bet you’re wondering how I’m doing that, and why I’m playing Tetris. Well, Tetris happens to be my all-time favorite game. And now, let me introduce you to the way I am streaming my Xbox live… the new XLR8.

Thanks to Bwana for introducing me to the XLR8. The XLR8 allows you to connect any camera, deck, or gaming device to your computer to show it live. The XLR8 ProView USB video capture, allows easy, full-screen, real-time capture from any video device into Apple QuickTime. It’s fully compatible with Mac OS X! It also supports AppleScript automation. ProView blends ease of use with fantastic video quality, all for a price anyone can afford! ProView USB built for QuickTime, including MPEG-4. It’s hardware supported 640 x 480 capture delivers the greatest quality video possible… beating out systems costing tens of thousands more. Why? It’s optimized for QuickTime and USB 2.0, right out of the box – just plug in and go! XLR8 ProView USB includes all the hardware and software any user needs to grab video/audio from any normal camera, recorder or deck. Its universal drivers support the widest range of applications possible.

Features of XLR8’s ProView USB include

  • Full-screen capture via USB 2.0.
  • VideoImpression capture and editing
  • VideoGlide Capture software for Mac OS X
  • QuickTime capture and editing
  • RCA or S-Video composite video input
  • Standard mini-jack audio input
  • High contrast, high quality video
  • Capture RAW or compressed for disk savings
  • Single frame capture – 640 x 480
  • Automation via AppleScript
  • Export movies to any QuickTime supported format, including iMovie DV and DVStreams without having to purchase QuickTime Pro!


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