USB to Midi

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I love to play with my new TENORI-ON. However, I’ve been having trouble finding a way to sync the music from the TENORI-ON to my computer, so I can save it out as a Midi file. The TENORI-ON comes with Midi cables, so all I needed was the software to make it happen.

Finally I find it! With the free SimpleSynth, I can now easily sync the channels from the TENORI-ON perfectly to the channels on my Mac. SimpleSynth is a simple soft synth for Mac OS X that takes input from a connected MIDI device, and can play instruments from Soundfonts and DLS files including Apple’s default General MIDI sound set. It’s small but powerful!

In order to accomplish this, I connected the TENORI-ON to my Mac, using the provided MIDI cables. I then poured the music I had made into the Mac, and used SimpleSynth to synchronize the music from the TENORI-ON onto the Mac itself. If you listen, you can hear that they now play in perfect harmony, and with perfect precision. I can save this as a MIDI file on my Mac now, to open and play at a later time! How cool is that?

If you’re like me and love MIDI files, this free software is definitely for you!

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