Telekinesis: Free iPhone Remote

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There is an open-source program available that will allow you to run your Mac from your iPhone! This is not a “hack”. It’s a legitimate piece of software, that you can obtain for free. Control and use your Mac with ease, right from your iPhone!

Telekinesis is an open-source application from Google, that will allow you to do just this. Install the software on your Mac, connect to it with your iPhone, and perform some or all of these functions:

  • Stream music and videos from your computer
  • Screen capture with mouse click and basic typing support
  • Simple iTunes Remote control
  • Browse your files
  • Run applescript remotely
  • iSight image capture
  • Basic Spotlight search
  • Easily create and add more applications

This is so simple and helpful. If I’m on the road, or traveling in another state even, I can easily access my Mac if there’s a file I need. If I forget to update my music, no problem! I can just log into my Mac and listen to it from there. Oh wait! I could also open documents on the Mac, edit them, and then save them into a Google Document. This will definitely make my life… and yours… MUCH easier.


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