Reasons I Use Outlook

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I’ve been using Microsoft Outlook for about 9 years now. It’s an excellent personal information manager… from mail, to tasks and notes, to the calendar. Here is Lisa’s list of reasons why she uses Outlook, as well.

  • It’s much faster to get into your email using Outlook, than it is having to open a browser and log into a webmail client. All you have to do for Outlook is double-click the icon on your desktop, and it’s all right there.
  • It’s SO easy to set up. There are tours, guides and instructions every step of the way to get you started.
  • You can use an Exchange server with it. This will allow you to share information and schedules with others, such as your co-workers or family.
  • Outlook has excellent little reminder sounds built in, so you never forget an appointment or task!
  • You can personalize pretty much everything, from your signature to setting up a reading pane.

As I said before, I use Outlook as well, and love it. It keeps everything in one place for me, and makes it much easier to manage it all.

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