Universal Remote Control (for Spies)

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This small little key chain is the “Micro Spy Remote”. It’s a mini Universal remote control that will fit in your pocket. Next time you’re stuck somewhere watching a television program that makes you crazy… try this out and watch the chaos ensue.

Let’s say you’re stuck in an airport for several hours, and the only place left to eat is in a bar. Everyone is drinking, and whooping it up over a sports game you could care less about. Or maybe… you’re at a friend’s house, and they’re watching a movie about something you would rather eat poison than watch. Heck, maybe you’re at home, and your significant other is watching a balloon flying through the air… for the fifth hour in a row!

This is when you need the Micro Spy Remote from ThinkGeek. You can aim it at almost any television in the world, and push a button… voila! It will come up with the proper code to access the tv. You can then change the channel, turn the volume up or down, or even shut the set off! No one will be the wiser, since this remote is so tiny, it’s easy to miss.

This little universal remote is the newest (secret) weapon in your arsenal to confuse hoards of TV viewers and perhaps save the free world as we know it. In seconds (just hold the mute button until the TV target mutes), you can take control of almost any television set, thus preventing S.M.U.S.H. propaganda from brainwashing what the Americans so cleverly refer to as “couch potatoes” (though, really, would anyone notice?)

I think I’ll see how much money is left in my checking account, and order several of these for my friends’ Christmas presents!

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