Facing Death

Both Anita and Marc have left us… and it’s just now starting to sink in. TheMacinjosh is one friend who responded to something I posted to YouTube the other day:

I just watched your video about your friends that recently passed away…and I can tell they obviously meant a lot to you, as they did to many others and I’m sorry to hear about the sad news. I have been thinking about how we all have to face death too, probably in another capacity though…and my thoughts have been brought on by anxiety issues I’ve had lately, but still…it’s been really bothering me. It’s just that I want to believe that our consciousness lives on somehow, but it’s really difficult to fathom what we even could experience after this life. I just hope I can find some sort of reassurance before my time comes, because to be honest I am scared, especially knowing that life is such a fragile thing and there really is no guarantee that we will all have each other the next day, or hour or whatever. I completely agree that we need to not take anyone for granted, whether we encounter people in real life or virtually.

This is the video he’s talking about:

I mentioned Marc and Gnomedex in my first post about his heart attack – and someone accused me of using the tradgedy as a way to plug the conference. Nothing could have been further from the truth, and I’ve read more than a few blogs about Marc’s passing which specifically reference meeting him at Gnomedex. Hey, that was the last time some of us saw him – myself included.

Leave it to Scoble to find one of my old Flickr photos – and this may very well be the only photo to ever have been taken with both Marc and Anita in it:

Seattle Geek Dinner

Take care, gang…