How to Learn Computers

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Tom is twelve years old, and has more insight to computers than many people three times his age. This kid blows me away, and he has an amazing future ahead of him. He sent me in his top five tips to learn more about computers.

  • If you don’t know the answer, don’t fight. Try fixing it yourself. If you cannot connect to the network… check the cables! It’s ok to ask your friend, or your teacher/parent.
  • Don’t click randomly when something won’t work. Keep in mind that Google is your friend. If you can’t find any answers on Google, check out the Microsoft Knowledge Base, Apple Support, or even the free forums on Lockergnome.
  • Don’t freak out. Freaking out will get you nowhere in a hurry.
  • Ask a local geek. Pop into a small computer shop and see if they’re willing to answer a few questions, or even check with the experts at the Apple store down the block. No question is stupid, other than the one you didn’t ask. We all have questions every now and then (even Chris!).
  • When your issue is fixed, find out what caused the problem and what the solution was. Then, don’t just educate yourself… share that information, via a blog or whatever communication you use. This will help others learn, as well.

Excellent tips, Tom. Thank you for sharing them!

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