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Wicket just doesn’t understand that there ARE a lot of excellent programs out there for your Mac. And now, for the next few days, you can save up to 70% off of the regular price for many titles you’ll want to own!

Visit GiveGoodFood2YourMac to get these amazing savings. If you purchase three (3) apps, you’ll save 30%. If you buy five (5), you’ll save 40%. Buying seven (7) apps saves you 50%, and purchasing ten (10) of them will save you a whopping 70%!! Yes, it’s real and yes, it’s completely legal.

‘Give Good Food to your Mac’ is a community action where independent Mac developers come together and build this exciting project : for about 12 days, every Mac users are able to download and taste more than 25 great Mac applications and enjoy discounts ranging from 30 to 70%.
No junk food, just healthy, tasty and innovative products. And because we are speaking ‘haute cuisine’ everybody gets to create their own combination of titles matching their own and unique taste.
The kitchen will remain open until the 8th of december.

Here are just some of the programs you can choose from:

  • Remote Buddy
  • Personal Trader
  • Cover Scout
  • Magnet
  • Morphage
  • iDive
  • Expert Wine Cellar
  • iStopMotion Home
  • Cheetah3D
  • Banner Zest
  • Video Pier
  • Pulp Motion
  • CSS Edit

Hurry and check this deal out! There isn’t much time left! To answer any additional questions about payment, how it works, or anything else, please visit their FAQ Page.

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