We Need a Wii for Ponzi's Mii

We had a Wii for a wittle while, but it wii-mained in the box because we were a wee too busy to start playing with it. When my parents came to Seattle for Gnomedex this year, Mom mentioned that she was considering getting a Wii of her own. I offered her our unused Wii, and she reluctantly accepted.

We had a Wii without ever being wise to its Wii charms.

I’m an extremely casual gamer, and Ponzi takes casual to an entirely new level (the last time she played a video game, Nixon was in office). I’ve been motivated to pick up another Wii, if only because Super Mario Galaxy is getting tons of buzz. We’ve been happy enough with our Xbox 360s, and I haven’t ever considered a PS3 (even circulars are still selling PS2s this holiday season).

Then BIGUNITZERO did this:

So, if you have a Wii, you can make your own Ponzi Mii!