How to Flash iPhone Firmware

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I have never had any device that is easier to update the firmware than my iPhone. For anyone who may not be sure, firmware is basically the ‘software’ that runs a device’s hardware. That’s the easiest way I can think of to put it. Firmware is a computer program that is embedded in a hardware device. As its name suggests, firmware is somewhere between hardware and software. Like software, it is a computer program which is executed by a computer. But it is also an intimate and vital part of a piece of hardware, and has little meaning outside of that particular hardware.

It’s so insanely simple to flash (update) the firmware for the iPhone. When you plug it in (or Dock it), a message will pop up on your Mac that says “There is a new software update for your iPhone. Do you wish to download and install it now?” Click yes… and you’re done.

That’s it. The end. Nothing more to see or do. That’s all, folks. Fini. Period! Seriously… I’m not kidding! There’s nothing more to do.

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