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If I tell you that you can screen your calls, find out why they’re calling, record calls on the fly and play them back later online, and even send phone numbers to several lines at once… would you be interested? Of course you would! What if I also tell you this service is completely FREE?

GrandCentral is a free service that was recently aquired by Google. In addition to the features I listed above, here are a few other things you can do with this service:

  • Block unwanted callers
  • Have one number that rings to all your phones, or even different phones based on who is calling
  • Receive voicemail notifications by text message or email
  • Personalized/different voice mail greetings based on person(s) or groups
  • a WebCall button that allows people to call you from a Web page without showing your actual phone number
  • Click to Call, which allows you to call from your address book and save you from typing out numbers

Why wouldn’t you want this? From a personal standpoint, this is simply amazing. From a business standpoint, there are a few features I would miss. I’ve been using the subscription service from Vonage since the late 1990’s. It allows me to have one toll free number that rings to all my phones, and I can receive faxes and voice mails directly into my Email when someone sends them to my phone. Those two features alone are worth my staying with Vonage. But as I said, if I didn’t have the business to worry about, I’d definitely be using GrandCentral.

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