Windows Antivirus & Security

Honestly, I receive several questions every day related to Windows security software. What’s the best? What’s the worst? Why isn’t this one working like it should be working? I’ve already told you what you can do to cut your chances of getting infected by 90% – the answer is simple, and it doesn’t cost you anything. That’s right: your best defense is absolutely free.

(1) Stop surfing for porn, and (2) stop downloading products illegally.

If you still feel unprotected (no pun intended in relation to my first suggestion), you might take a look at BitDefender products. My friend Rick over at One Network Direct just sent me a batch of new links, including one for 10% off your entire purchase:


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Windows Firewall is Useless

And if you think you’re already completely protected in Windows with its default tools, think again. This morning, after months of regular Firefox use, I get this security warning from the Windows Vista Firewall. Again, this was far from the first time I had used Firefox on this installation of Windows. Not only is the dialog ambiguous, it’s here too late.