iPhone vs Windows Mobile Pocket PC for Business

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I was a Windows Mobile device user for about seven years. I was against the iPhone at first, thinking my Windows device suited my needs just fine. Then Ponzi bought me the iPhone. MajorDef wrote in to ask which is better for business… a Windows Mobile device, or an iPhone?

I am a product tester for Sprint, and recently got my hands on their new HTC Touch mobile device. It’s not a bad device. It’s very small and lightweight. It does everything I need it to do. But it just doesn’t compare to my iPhone. I get frustrated trying to push a button that doesn’t work on these Windows devices. After playing with this Sprint HTC Touch for about five minutes, I literally shook my head and said out loud “How did I ever DO this?”. Keep in mind that for seven years, I was perfectly happy with my Windows devices.

Enter my iPhone. It’s not just an amazing media device, it’s a joy to use. It’s smooth, it’s functional, it works the way I never thought it could work. It syncs perfectly with my Outlook, which is where I primarily live with my work. It can share my contacts, calenders and tasks. I can connect it to Exchange. It’s just magic. Is it perfect? Hardly. But, it’s the closest to perfect that any mobile device has ever come.

Apple didn’t set the bar higher with the iPod. It added a whole new bar to the playing field with this one.

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