User Generated Contentedness

There’s all this talk over UGC: User Generated Content. I hate that term (always have, always will). To me, the only thing you want to evoke is a sense of User Generated Contentedness. Without that, you’ve got nothing more than random scraps of data sitting on a page – and that’s beyond worthless.

I’m certain that most of today’s “dotcom” companies won’t be around within five years, so what happens with their users? Do they just… disappear? What happens to all that content generated by said audience?

What I value most in my community is that there really is no community to speak of. We’re all just people doing things we want to do – not defined by our badges, our usernames, our favorite sites, etc. This could have been done anywhere, but I’m most happy that it was done in the first place:

Same holds true for the following video, albeit at a slightly more spooky (but largely hilarious) level:

And the video responses for the Blue Vista parody MP3 have been continuously rolling in since we released the song late last week:

I gave y’all Chris Heads for a reason. Good to see some of you are taking advantage of the User Generated Craziness I’ve been doling out…