iPod Tips and Tricks

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Shawyan sent me an email listing his top 5 tips and tricks for an iPod. It’s an excellent list, so I wanted to share it with everyone. Here are his tips, in order from last to first:

  • If you are concerned about your iPod’s battery limit, there are two factors that can affect how long a charge lasts: The brightness of the screen and the volume. The higher the volume and brightness are, the more battery life is consumed.
  • If you want to get a YouTube Video on your iPod, Wireless Device, or your own computer, you can do it all online. The website is vixy.net. All you have to do is copy and paste the YouTube URL, specify the format you desire, then download it and place on iTunes!
  • If you are really concerned about your iPod messing up after the 1 Year limited warranty, purchase an extended warranty!
  • Your iPod can be used as a storage device. So if you have a old or new iPod just laying around, why not make the most of it? Simply open iTunes and under the properties of your iPod, Select “Enable Disk Usage.” Once you plug your iPod in afterwards, you can just go to “My Computer” (PC) or “Find” (Mac)and open the iPod as if it were a hard drive. Wow!
  • The best thing I like about my iPod are the hacks available for it. If you have an iPod Video or Nano you can go to ipodwizard.net and “spoof up” your iPod. You can go to the forums and download iPod Wizard’s small-sized application. With their application, you can edit the text on your physical iPod! For example: I changed my “Now Playing” to “Now Rocking.” Another great feature is that you can edit the graphics theme on your iPod. There are various themes that vary from a Windows Vista theme to a Puma theme. They are all user-made, so if someone is nice enough, they can make you a custom theme.

I have one more tip of my own to add to this list. If you look closely at my iPod, you’ll see it is completely enclosed in a hard case. This protects everything but the scroll button. Most importantly, it protects the screen. If your screen breaks, your iPod is pretty well almost useless… except as an external storage device.


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