Top 100 OS X Programs Program?

I just twittered this, but you might know of something that does this already.

Every day, I run across yet another “Top 100 Mac OS X Apps List” blog post – which is awesome to review, but must be painful to assemble. I want to share the apps I have on my Mac, but… there must be a script or application that can help me assemble the HTML / images to turn around and post to any given blog.

Forget complex APIs for the moment, I just want something that will:

  • Scan my Applications folder for apps.
  • Let me sort / uncheck the apps.
  • Possibly let me annotate the apps list.
  • Save that configuration for future editing.
  • Output that list in XHTML, extracting and resizing the icons into a subfolder, with the title of the program, its version and Web site (and annotations).

Bam! I’ve saved hours (if not days) of work. While I realize there’s and AppFresh, neither one really does what it is I’m asking for. Seems to me this would be a killer app for someone to write. In fact, I wouldn’t even mind if the site links were specifically to,,, etc.

If someone does this now, all I’d ask for is credit somewhere in the app / output. Don’t bother recommending imakeprofile, either – because that’s not even close to what I’m asking for. 😉