Mac OS X Leopard Bugs

Jeff Hatz asks a good question:

I know that you have likely signed a non-disclosure agreement with Apple, so you may not be able to answer my question. Given how Microsoft has dropped the ball with both Windows XP and Vista by releasing them for sale before they were done, do you feel that Mac OS X Leopard is/will be ready for prime time by the time it is released?

According to, sources tell them that the last full build (Sep. 21, 9A559) only contained 1 bug, which was patched shortly later. So when it comes to Leopard, can we trust the statement that there are no known bugs, or are there some that Apple does not plan on fixing before going mainstream but will fix after the release?

First, nobody at Apple has ever reached out to me (I think that’s just the nature of the beast). Second, no operating system is without its share of bugs. Third, any showstoppers have likely already disappeared (in stark contrast to the various showstoppers that obviously still exist in Windows Vista as well as Vista’s first service pack beta).

Fourth, both Apple and Microsoft have a track record of breaking app functionality between OS revisions. Apple generally sacrifices backwards compatibility for overall improvements – whereas Microsoft places shims and hacks throughout Windows to ensure backwards compatibiity at countless costs. Make no mistake: Apple is not Microsoft, for better or for worse.

If your favorite developers aren’t already on the ball, you may just find yourself sticking with Tiger for the time being.