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Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – For quite awhile, I have embedded sponsor ads into my videos, as well as mentioning them. Today, YouTube will begin their new program, where you can embed any Partner video into your own site, and make money!

According to the NewYork Times:

The Internet search giant is expected to introduce a service on Tuesday to allow Web sites in its ad network to embed relevant videos from some YouTube content creators. A Web site or blog specializing in hiking, for instance, might choose to embed hiking videos from YouTube.

Google will share ad revenue with the video content creators. The program is in its earliest stages and only 100 companies are set to offer their video as part of the program. Given the millions of videos on YouTube, that figure is likely to change soon. The service, which represents the first major combination of a Google product with YouTube, will give video creators wide distribution beyond YouTube via Google’s network, known as AdSense. Since the videos will be surrounded by ads, the service is another way for Google to cash in on the huge number of video clips stored on YouTube.

Google said it would share revenue from the ads with the creators of the videos and with the Web sites that embed them, though it declined to specify what percentage of the revenue will be kept by each party.

While many Web sites already embed YouTube clips in their pages, this system would allow them to make money from the clips. They would not, however, have the same level of control over what clip gets embedded.

I don’t see how this cannot be a “win-win” situation for everyone involved. YouTube will make money, I’ll make money… and YOU will make money. What’s negative about that? Yes, you may not like ads. But seriously, how can you not like making money simply by embedding videos?

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