Cyber Law: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – I’ve met many people over the years, and one good friend I’ve kept in touch with is Attorney Brett Trout. Brett has written a new book: “Cyberlaw: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business”.

Brett is an AV-rated Midwest lawer, offering his clients the global perspective on Intellectual Property and Information Technology issues. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Brett has serviced clients across Iowa and throughout the country for over a decade.Brett’s latest book, CyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business, is available now on

Cyber Law is a comprehensive guide for navigating all legal aspects of the Internet. This book is a crucial asset for online businesses and entrepreneurs. “Whether you’re doing business online as a company or a consumer, you need to understand your rights. Trout successfully places legal complexities into digital perspective with his latest book.

A quote from me on the back of the book reads:

CyberLaw is a must-read for anyone doing business-or just chatting or socializing – on the Internet. Without us realizing it, more and more laws are being passed each year, laws and restrictions that significantly increase the likelihood that you’re skirting, or even breaking some laws when you post that restaurant review, write about the bad date you had last week, or complain about a previous employer. Your choices are easy: read CyberLaw or suffer the potential consequences.

There are 19 chapters in this book. It isn’t one you’re going to just sit down and read cover to cover. Rather, you’ll pick this up as needed and inform yourself. Some of the things covered include copyrights, use of photos you find online, blogging, meta tagging, and much more.

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